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AuthorA/Prof Amanda OakleyDermatologistHamiltonNew Zealand1997Updated in July 2016.

Investigating the removal of several drugs present in urban and rural wastewaterseveral works have appeared in recent years in scientific publicationsdemonstrating the relevance of the subject.

Key wordsTetracyclines/productionTetracyclines/waste/tratamentTetracyclines/waste/environmental impactEnvironmental contaminationDomestic sewage/treatmentIndustrial wastewater/treatmentAdvanced oxidation processes/wastewater treatment.

The world consumption of antibiotics has risen drastically in the last decadealso increasing the excretion of their metabolites in their original formMost antibiotics are poorly metabolized by humans and animals after ingestionproviding that a fraction of antibiotics from 25to 75may leave the bodies buy slimex, buy slimex, buy slimex, buy slimex, buy slimex, buy slimex. in an unaltered form after consumptionKhanOngerth2004Watkinson et al 2009Rivas et al 2011

TABLE VAverage concentrations of tetracycline and its byproducts detected in STPs and riversJia et al 2009)

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many other drugs are more effective so that tetracyclines are the first choice drugs in only a few diseases, such as lyme disease, stomach ulcers caused by helicobacter pylori, chlamydia, rocky mountain spotted fever, cholera, and typhus.

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